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A Look at Our High School Seniors

BGCG teens are hard-working, good-natured, and caring young people who strive to make a difference in their Club and the community. At BGCG, a strong emphasis is placed on college preparedness with SAT test preparation courses, local and regional college campus visits, as well as behind-the-scenes visits to local corporations for exposure to the business world.

Take a look at some of our 2022 graduating Seniors as they prepare for the next phase in their academic career.

Damarys Aceituno
Layola University Chicago
Area of study: Business

Damarys loves “always being greeted with a smile and providing the members with opportunities to learn and participate in new activities.”

Words of advice for younger club kids: Participate in every activity and opportunity that the Boys & Girls Club has to offer. By trying new things you can broaden your horizons and learn new things about yourself and the world around you.

Favorite Club memory: Hosting the Torch Club conference in 2018. I was president of Torch Club at this time and had the pleasure of making new friends and planning fun activities for the other members.

Current interest: Dance and the arts

Something interesting about me: I enjoy learning about the environment around me and how I can change my habits in order to improve the planet.

What I would do with one year off from school with unlimited resources: I have always loved traveling to new places and I would love to take advantage of the opportunity to learn about new cultures. I would definitely use a year off to travel through Europe and parts of Asia.

Sofia DeVito
Northeastern University
Area of study: Biology (Pre-med track)

Sofia says, “From the moment I walk into the Club, I get a warm greeting by all of the staff members and kids. Everyone has a smile on their face and it instantly puts me in a good mood.”

Words of advice for younger club kids: Enjoy the time you are there, because time flies so fast and you grow up quicker than you can imagine. I wouldn’t trade any of my Club experiences for the world!

Favorite Club memory: Barracudas Swim Team and Keystone Club. The practices, swim meets, meetings every Tuesday — just being around the friendly people is my favorite part.

Current interest: Playing sports 

Sports: Soccer and swimming

Something interesting about me: I’ve watched The Office 9 times

What I would do with one year off from school with unlimited resources: It is important to me to help those in need. So, if I was given one year off, I would travel to underdeveloped countries to help those communities.

Isaac Dacres
Arizona State University
Area of study: Business

Isaac credits staff members Ryan Accurso and Cam Ferrara with making his Club experience top tier.

Words of advice for younger club kids: Enjoy and cherish the moments you have at the Club. Soon you will realize that there’s nothing like the Boys & Girls club!

Favorite Club activity: High school night on Fridays 

Current interest: Learning to drive stick shift

Sports: I run track

Hidden talent: I can move my ears

What I would do with one year off from school with unlimited resources: I would try and visit all my family members that I haven’t seen in a while. I say this because I think that everyone loves visiting their family, but it’s doesn’t always happen because of schedule and work.

Isaac Dumeny
Arizona State University
Area of study: Sports Medicine

Isaac loves “being in the gym, field, or the annex playing soccer with the kids and having fun.”

Words of advice for younger club kids: Be yourself and try new things

Favorite Club memory: The late night soccer and basketball league games

Current interest: Working out and learning about nutrition

Sports: Soccer

Something interesting about me: I can squat 315 pounds

What I would do with one year off from school with unlimited resources: I would create multiple business/associations that focus on helping low income individuals.I would also support other boys and girls clubs. I feel helping people out when needed is the best thing to do and it really can improve one’s life.

Jonathan Maldonado
UCONN Stamford
Area of study: Nursing

JJ’s favorite part of the day has always been free swim, or swim lessons with Ashley Culver, the aquatics coordinator.

Words of advice for younger club kids: Have fun, make friends, and participate in as many activities as you can. The Boys & Girls Club will become like a second home!

Favorite Club memory: The Club’s Stamford vs Greenwich kickball game that was like a movie scene. Last inning, 2 outs, bases nearly loaded and 1 run down — I launched the ball all the way to the other side of the gym with a home run and Greenwich Boys & Girls Club won the game!

Current hobby: Going to the gym

Hidden talent: I play the saxophone, drums, piano, and a little guitar

What I would do with one year off from school with unlimited resources: First I would pay off any family debt. Then I would take my family and friends to travel the world. I want to see how people live in other countries and make some memories. 

Karen Maldonado
George Washington University
Area of study: Business

Karen says, “My first summer at Teen Camp was when I strengthened my connection to the Boys & Girls through the staff. I saw how the staff cared for all of us and helped me see that the Club is a supportive place that helps us be the best we can be.”

Words of advice for younger club kids: Try new things!

Favorite Club memory: My first summer at Teen Camp. This was the first summer I had spent in Greenwich since moving there, and although I made some friends during the school year, Teen Camp was where I found my true friends. 

Current interest: Painting. I look up paintings on Pinterest or Google and then create them on canvas.  

Something interesting about me: My nails. Ever since I was in elementary school, I always did my own nails with all sorts of designs. People always find the elaborate/detailed designs to be pretty impressive.

What I would do with one year off from school with unlimited resources: I would travel to Europe and visit Spain, Italy, and France. 

I would like to go to Spain because of the Spanish literature I read about like Don Quijote and other places I learned about in my Spanish classes.

In France I would like to visit the Palace of Versailles, not only for its beautiful architecture, but for its history.

I would like to visit Italy to discover its history and take in the beautiful landscape and scenery.

Paige Pray
Quinnipiac University
Area of study: Criminal Justice

Paige says, “the best part of my day is going in every day to work, seeing all of these kids who look up to me say ‘hello’ and give me hugs. It makes me feel as though I’ve made an impact on their lives.”

Words of advice for younger club kids: Get involved. The Club has amazing opportunities for all of its members and it's a family that you can always rely on.

Favorite Club memory: Playing Just Dance on New Years Day in the game room

Current interest: Cooking

Sports: Lacrosse

Something interesting about me: I was in a diaper commercial as a toddler

What I would do with one year off from school with unlimited resources: I would do the things I’ve always wanted to do; I’d cook all of the recipes I’ve written down and never got to try, finish the clothes I started upcycling and never finished, and maybe try acting.

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