9 Weekly Sessions

June 25 – August 24
7:30 am–4:30 pm

$150 per child
(Short week of July 2–6 is $120 per child.)

Download the camp brochure and application here.

Within just a few miles from home, kids ages 6–12 and 13–15, can choose their source of FUN this summer! Each program is licensed by the State of Connecticut and has a weekly fee associated with it.

Registrations are taken on a first come, first served basis, and are required for the full summer program. A child must be a current registered member of the Club in order to participate.


Fees are due the Wednesday prior to the start of each camp weekly session or there is a $20 per child late fee.

For example: If you register your child on Thursday or Friday with the intention for him/her to start camp on Monday you will be charged $20 in addition to the camp fee. If you register your child on Wednesday, there is no late fee charge.

simmons camp 2018

Camp Simmons | Ages 6–12
9 Weeks

Camp Simmons is a sprawling 77 acres of pure wilderness on Lake Avenue in Greenwich and features an outdoor swimming pool, archery range and pond for boating and canoeing. Campers can participate in special events and themed days like Holidays in July, Olympics and weekly fishing derbies.


clubhouse camp

Clubhouse Camp | Ages 6–12
8 Weeks

Clubhouse Camp is located on Horseneck Lane and offers a Field House, outdoor field, 25-meter pool, arts & crafts and a technology center. Children also enjoy FREE breakfast and lunch, Summer Brain Gain and daily activities including games of table tennis, bumper pool and air hockey.


teen camp 2018

Teen Camp | Ages 13-15
9 Weeks

Teen campers can dive into summer at the Clubhouse on Horseneck Lane. Teens have access to a multisport court, turf field, swimming pool and game room. Most of their time is spent off-site visiting attractions such as New York City, local beaches, amusement parks, sporting events and more.


Counselor in Training (CIT) Program CIT

Open to members ages 15 and up. Volunteer counselor development program that runs for all nine weeks of summer camp. Click here for more information.

Download the application here

For child care financial assistance contact Care 4 kids at

Clubhouse Camp
4 Horseneck Lane, Greenwich

Camp Simmons
744 Lake Avenue, Greenwich